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Spowers is an award winning architecture and interior design firm based in Melbourne, Australia. Our projects span commercial, health, education and government, with a focus on sustainability.


As a practice, Spowers collaborates with clients to plan and design each project, identifying the unique qualities of the site and its users.

We draw on our design expertise to help our clients articulate the underlying vision for their project, and conduct a functional analysis to understand the operational, organisational and physical requirements.

From design through to construction and operation, we aim to significantly minimise or eliminate the negative impact on the environment and the people who use these spaces.

As we become more focused on sustainability in everything we do, we continue to research, customise and apply the best technologies and strategies to meet our clients’ needs.

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Interior Design

Our interior design is characterised by the belief that spaces in which we live and work can have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing.

We never underestimate the significance of community interaction with a space, and embrace the challenge of our design to allow for this.

Integrating the way architecture and interiors are created means starting with a complete, compelling story.

We place a high value on social responsibility, from choosing materials and production practices that have minimal effect on the environment, to spaces which encourage intimacy and connection with the community.

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Our masterplans look to the big picture: the character of the site, the culture, environment, history and purpose, the way people and the natural environment will interact with the space now and in the future.

A Spowers masterplan approach connects addresses and consolidates access, whilst creating innovative spaces, infrastructure and landscapes.

Analysing a site’s population, economy, infrastructure and land use integral to providing a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development.

Ultimately, our masterplans achieve a strong local identity, create a sense of place and introduce a cultural dimension to the community.